Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Honduras / El Salvador, Day 6

Today began the journey back to El Salvador. It was a bright, sunny beautiful day. We breezed through the Honduras border and into Guatemala. Unlike the previous trip we had a few people get sick on the curvy roads. We stopped promptly on the side of the road and happened to be right behind a police truck. As we sat there for a few minutes some people took the opportunity to eat their lunch, others ran to the woods, one of the TLC guys practiced his Karate, and Mr. Duggar convinced the policeman to frisk him for the fun of it.

After a bathroom stop several others began to get sick as well, but not from the road.

This time we cruised through the crossing back into El Salvador without any problems or major delays like last time. For dinner we stopped at Pizza Hut in San Salvador and enjoyed some pizza. We were also able to pass out gospel of John’s to many of the people in the restaurant and then watch as they eagerly read them as we ate.

At various times throughout the day as we traveled we would sing. I think if you add it all up we have sung for several hours. What a joy it is to sing hymns, patriotic, and Christmas songs with the team. We even sang a few that we knew in Spanish much to the surprise of the drivers. :-)
We arrived back at La Esperanza during their Tuesday night bible study. Several of us jumped right in with the kids class. While we could not communicate very effectively we were able to develop friendships with many of them.

After church we were able to call home for a little bit and talk to the family and Jonathan for about 30minutes. It was great to hear their voices and share with them the things that God was doing.

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