Sunday, October 24, 2010

Week in Review

Can you say JamCramPacked week? Well that was last week for me. Loads of fun and iron sharpening iron moments, mixed with family, and laughs, and work, and a LITTLE sleep. :) Here is a brief run through of the past 7 days.

Sunday | Today was the Fall BBQ at church. We had a blast hanging out and eating our non-bbq sandwiches we brought. The cost of our entire family eating the catered meal just does not make since anymore. After lunch and a few photos I headed off to the Ultimate Frisbee field with John and Joseph. I was privileged to be on a great team that worked together well. All in all it was an energizing afternoon. Back home we finished the laundry from Family Camp, more on that later, and put the last few items away from the trip.

Pictures from the BBQ: Click Here

For a pictorial review of Family Camp you can preview my sisters pictures Sara's, or Anna's. Both have amazing pictures that truly captured the heart and emotion of the week.

Elizabeth's Pictures: Click Here
Sara's Pictures: Click Here
Anna's Pictures: Click Here

Monday | Came home to a lot of work on short deadlines. But that was ok. Why, because it involved some graphics work. :) I am always up for graphics. I got everything done and ready to send to the printer first thing Monday!

Tonight we welcomed a new family to our ALERT Cadet unit. The Speeds recently moved up here from Texas. We are so glad they are here and apart of our unit. They bring a wealth of ideas from their unit as well as a lot of great fellowship! Tonight the devotion was on sharing your personal testimony. They guys heard a practical example from CFC John Shoemaker.

John did a great job sharing his testimony in a practical way. Each of the guys had an opportunity to practice being ready in season and out by sharing their testimony's with one another.

More pictures from our Cadet meeting: Click Here

Tuesday | Today was a great day just being home with the family. There is nothing better than family. As Evidenced below... :)

Wednesday | Yesterday while Julie was in dentist office she was flipping through a Tulsa catalog and came across and add for the "Presidents Own USMC Band". It was a free concert at the PAC downtown. So bright and early this evening we headed down to see if we could scrounge any spare tickets off anyone. We had our handy sign in hand that mom had made. There was great debate as to the wording of the sign, "Would rather be given tickets than steal", "Will smile for tickets", and much more. We finally ended up with a lame "looking for 9 tickets". :) Turned out they had a few turned in at the ticket office and we were able to get enough for us and another family that decided to come spur of the evening. Awe inspiring is about the only way to explain it. They opened with the National Anthem and then followed it with a rousing program. In the end they closed it by singing God Bless America. It was encouraging to hear all 2,000 people filling the PAC this evening to sing at the to of their lungs entreating God's blessing on this country.

Thursday | Another day filled with family fun and busyness around the house.

Friday | Final home game color guard for the NOAH homeschool football game. The guys in the color guard did a fabulous job. And the guys on the field followed up with a stunning upset victory.

More Color Guard pictures can be found here: Click Here

After the game we headed over to my cousins house for his birthday party. The fellowship was sweet with all the extended family. it just so happened that Dad turned into a pumpkin FIRST! :)

Saturday | This morning Julie left bright and early for Chicago for the Journey to the Heart Conference. She is desiring to go on the South East Asia Trip that Elizabeth went on last year and has to complete this training as a prerequisite. She will be greatly missed even though she is only gone for 10 days. Please keep her and the rest of the team of young ladies in your prayers! Meanwhile, we miss you bug.

To learn more about Journey to the Heart: Click Here

With a short few hours of working on the attic finish out all the kiddo's abandoned the house for Jesse and Jordan's birthday party. All the guys went and played airsoft in the rain. What a blast. We had some really good and very long games. The girls all stayed at the house and played games and watched a movie. We all met back up for dinner at the Morris' house and then played other group games and opened gifts!

I can't take credit for many of these pictures: My camera was passed around a lot. :) Click Here