Wednesday, April 25, 2007

So much is going on

Wow, things are going crazy around here. Last week we shot more pictures for the Servant handbook and are now about 60% complete. I really like shooting the pictures but after taking aver 100 for this handbook I am ready to be done with them for a while. Major Farr left Friday morning and flew to Kansas for a squad chartering and then on to Pennsylvania for the camp this week. He will be coming back Monday then the conference starts on Tuesday. Saturday Andrew Stevic, an Alert man who I've worked with for LTC camps and conferences last year, arrived and was put in my room. It has been such a blast having him here and working with us. He is going to be with us doing Logistics for the Cadet challenge and then for LTC camp. This week has comprised of many phone calls and a whole lot of driving around gathering up supplies for the Challenge and LTC Camp. We are now finished with everything for the challenge and only have LTC camp left to finish this week. Monday night we played soccer after dinner. I was center D and then goalie. It was a pretty good game except for where I slid over to take the ball away from an opposing forward and ended up sliding right across one of the sprinkler heads in the field. I will state for the record that sprinkler heads and the side of your leg do not feel very good at all. Tuesday we finally got our walkies that we were supposed to get last week and after many phone calls finally got our on campus logistics vehicle. Last night I ironed three of my chambray's and two pairs of BDU's, went and talked to some of the guys in Aspen and still got to bed by 10pm. Then last night we had an awesome thunder storm with tons of cool lightning. It was so cool to stand at our door looking out at the lightning and the pouring rain. Today we are going to go hike part of the trail for LTC camp. I am really looking forward to to LTC Camp. I pray that all of you are doing well and staying healthy. A few things you can pray for us is that we all stay health, that all the loose ends will come together, and that the people that God wants at the camps and conferences will be a able to come. Also pray for the rest of the staff that God will give them an amazing amount of strength for the task ahead of them.

Blessings to all of you,

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Well I made it safely to Alert about 1pm Monday afternoon. Since then I have been working in the Cadet office from 8-5 and in the Library from 6:30-9:30pm. Tomorrow Major Farr flies out for the LTC camp and Father Son camp in Pennsylvania and doesn't come back till 1 or 2am on Monday morning before the conference starts on Tuesday. So today we are going over both the conference, ACC, and LTC camp so that while he is gone I am supposed to finish getting everything together. Later today Reuben and I are going to finish shooting pictures for the Servant handbook. So I am looking forward to doing that. Oh, by the way I got my second drivers license yesterday. I now have my on campus drivers license for campus vehicles. This morning was all staff cleaning day so Major Farr and I were making beds then Reuben and I mopped all the tile in Chestnut. Then it was off to the laundry building and many, many sheets and towels waiting to be folded. So all in all it hasn't been to bad.