Saturday, January 22, 2011

El Salvador Day 2

Six o'clock the sun was shinning in the window to the church auditorium where the guys were all bunked out on "mattresses" across the floor. It was a breathtaking sight as I walked out on the porch and looked across the jungle valley and up the two volcano's that resided in the distance behind us. The splendor of the Lord was awe inspiring and invigorating for the task ahead.

Josiah catching a few extra minutes of sleep

The guys room.

The view off the back porch.

We ate our first "local" meal of the trip and loaded the bus and truck for the trip. 30+ people in the team by this point create a lot of luggage. However, our bags could not compete with the mountain of supplies for giving out in the villages. We used out checked bags [2 per person] to bring supplies and gifts over. And loaded our carry on's with our personal clothing and supplies.

Jon - second unit photography

Spanish Practice

As the ride...

...wore on...
...and on...

...the smiles turned from this... this.

The drive from El Salvador through Guatemala into Honduras was expected to take 6-7 hours. God had different plans and after being detained for nearly 2 hours with the EXIT procedures from El Salvador we continued on our way. During the ride there was much talking, fellow shipping, rubix cube solving, sleeping, picture taking, lion spotting, and singing. The beauty of the countryside was breathtaking. But the stark contrast of the beauty and sudden poverty was humbling. Shacks sitting on top of trash mounds in the dumps, crowded streets, We arrived at the village and had to get out and walk the last several hundred meters to the church because between a full bus and luggage on top, coupled with a light rain equaled spinning tires. :)

Lunch Stop

Traveling circus next door to the lunch stop.

It was here that we were first introduced to the roosters next door. They crowed ALL night long EVERY NIGHT!

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