Sunday, July 29, 2007

Friends and Family

Friday night I played volleyball with all the ALERT staff. We had three courts going most of the time. A first at ALERT. We had really good games because the teams were smaller, we had about 5-6 players most of the time. We played till 10:30, then I walked back to my dorm and talked to Rowdy till midnight. At 1:30am Bryce came back from talking with one of the ALERT guys and he and I talked for another hour.

Saturday: We awoke to Bryce's phone ringing, at... 9:10! oops, maybe we stayed up to late. :-) While Bryce went to talk to a friend I took Rowdy around and showed him some of the places he hadn't seen yet around campus. After brunch we changed and headed out to the shooting range. We shot Bryce's 12ga, his new 9mm, and a 22. We had a blast. It was so much fun. Some of the Hendrich's also came and shot with us. Then we headed to Longview or the afternoon. He went to Army Navy Surplus, Academy, Wal-Mart, Tractor Supply, Wal-Mart again :-), and then to dinner at Cheddar's. Dinner was really good and we had such a good time talking, and laughing, and talking more, and laughing more, and watching Bryce talk on the phone. :-) We got back on campus about 6:30 and decided to go shooting again. :-) After shooting up the last of the 22cal. We got the haircutting stuff and Brystol cut Bryce's hair. As soon as she was done cutting his hair his phone rang. :-) He started smiling and made a beeline for the door. :-) So Lynn, Brystol, Rowdy, and I deiced that we were hungry for some Ice Cream. After finding Bryce wandering around on the phone we got his order and drove to Gladewater to Sonic. We all ended up with fruit smoothies rather than Ice Cream, but it was just a good. Then we came back and dropped the girls off and Rowdy and I went back to the dorm, talked for a while, and decided to head over to the Quest cadre barracks. There several of the guys met us at the door and decided that it would be best if they came over and talked at my dorm rather than theirs. After talking for a while I went and called my mom since they were coming over from Dallas to stay here for a few days. This was about midnight, Elizabeth answered and said they had just gotten here but they hadn't found any reception to call me. So went over to say goodnight and some of the Quest Leadership knew my brothers so they came to say hi. we talked with my family for about 20min and then headed back to the dorm at about 1:30. We got in bed AND turned out the light but continued talking till 2:30am! :-)

Sunday: Bryce had gotten up a little before seven and gone to lunch with a squad mate of his from basic, Lt. Pierce. Rowdy and I got up at 8:45 showered, dressed, and were out the door in about 20min. Since Bryce still wasn't back from breakfast Rowdy and I took my family's van and picked up Brystol and Lyndsae, then got my family from their dorm and drove to the Behr's house for the Campus church service. After church we talked with Brystol, Lynn, and Bryce for about 20min then they, Reckner's, had to go eat with the Henderich's. So I took my family around campus and showed them all the different places things happen. They we had a few crackers and cheese, talked for a while, got my hair cut, and walked to supper. After supper I had to do dishes with the rest of the single staff guys. Mom wanted to see what my dorm was like but since girls can't even come near the guys dorms I showed her what one of he empty ones that is like mine was like. Then we went to the evening service.

Shooting in the afternoon.


We decided that while Bryce was on the phone after his haircut that we were feeling a little left out so we decided to take a few pictures!






Unknown said...

And you give me a bad time about staying up until 11:00 pm! Hope you thought of me while you were shooting; I always wanted to try out ALERT's shooting range.

Drawn 2 Thee said...

Wow, that was a good weekend. I enjoyed it very much! It is always fun to spend time with family and friends, just having fun and making lots of memories! Great pictures, thank you for posting!