Monday, July 9, 2007

Sacramento in review

Sacramento ALERT Cadet Challange 2007

Squad Leader Training

Opening Ceremony

I carried the ALERT Cadet flag in the Color Guard

Transporting the Cadets from the Convention Center to Camp Pollock on the light rail

Nathan, one of our special boys. He has Downs but was so much fun to talk to and be around.

Me, getting ready to lead morning wisdom search for all the Squad Leaders on Friday

Leading the Skits

Dan and I's cooking and fire building

Trimming trees on Thursday

Morning Formation

Major Farr's "Water Bottle Challange"

Evening Formation and Sign-Out

Formation at Camp Pollock


Nicole Hearn said...

I love the pictures!!!!! They're great!!!!!! We had tons of fun with you all that week.
Great memories.
Thanks for posting!

Nicole Hearn said...

I think my favorite is the "wisdom search" picture.