Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Day in Remembrance and Celebration

On Sunday, August 5th, One of the Cadets that had come from Big Sandy with us for the Cadet Challenge received a call from his parents saying that a cadet that we both knew had been killed in action in Iraq. Jaron Holliday was a part of our unit back home, Alpha 2nd Oklahoma. He was killed on August 4th when the vehicle he was riding in hit an IED. Jaron had always wanted to serve our country in the military and he loved his job. He was also a beacon of truth and hope to all those he came in contact with. At the funeral they had a time of sharing and every single person, for and hour straight, mentioned what an encouragement and light he had been to them. The legacy of what Jaron did still lives on both at home and in Iraq with his fellow soldiers.

Major Farr, Peter Farr, and myself were able to fly up to Tulsa for the funeral. It was a great celebration of life with the gospel being clearly presented many times. After the funeral we went out to eat at Chedders restaurant with my family. That was a lot of fun, then we were off to the airport and a two and half hour flight home. It was fun getting to fly with Major Farr. I rode up front on the way down and navigated then Peter switched with me for the flight home. When we arrived back we went over to the Farr;s house and had Ice Cream. Yum!

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