Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Inspired and Infallible

Over the past year I have been challenged by several people to read through the Bible from start to finish. I used to do this all the time when I was in high school. However, since then I have grow lax in that area. Instead I choose to read Psalms, Proverbs, random books at a time, passages I was working on for lessons at Good News club, church, or ALERT Cadets. Which was not wrong or "unbiblical" at all.

After being challenged to read through the Bible in a year recently, I began to think more about it. I was thinking, what if me reading the Bible was like a workout. A workout where I was only working my biceps. Oooohhhh you say. But everyone can see the results of that. They might think you are pretty cool having monster biceps. But in reality I am missing everything else I need. I have no ability but to lift something heavy with my arms. I lack endurance, speed with which to run the race, no strength in my back to carry those along the way, lacking a strong grip to reach out and grasp those falling away from God, and most noticeably not being ready with an answer in season and out of season. So why would I rather have the glory of the earth and be able to share psalm or proverb only that meant a lot to me. Why not exercise my WHOLE heart with ALL of God's Word? As I came to that realization I purposed that I would read through the entire Word of God in one year.

So off I went on a search for a tool with which to pace myself to stay on track. And I found this neat website which allowed me to set the start date nearly wherever I wanted. So, Starting tomorrow, April 1st 2010 I will read through the ENTIRE Inspired Word of God in a year.

I encourage you to join me in this journey toward a heart filled with HIM. I also ask that you all help to keep me accountable along the way.


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recklesslove said...

Very cool! Sarah and I have been reading through the Bible together chronologically this year. I've enjoyed it immensely! Blessings as God shows you new and amazing things from His Living Word!