Sunday, March 22, 2009

This Past Week(end)!!!!

So life has been busy. Oh well, that is what keeps me out of trouble right? :-)

Monday was our ALERT Cadet meeting. Always a great time of fun, spiritual refreshment, skill training, and fellowship with other great hero's of the faith! :) Here are a few pictures.

Thursday was teacher training for the upcoming Children Program. Please be praying for all the teachers, staff, students, and parents. That God will bind Satan and his deceptions, remove distractions, and prepare everyone's heart.

Saturday all the guys spent the day cutting firewood, clearing brush, and chipping all the small stuff at the church where we have our meetings. Pictures HERE. Each and everyone of the guys did a great job and worked their hearts out for the church and the Lord. While the guys were doing that the ladies all met up with our friends the Duggar's who were in town for a book signing at B&N. After we finished cutting wood at 5pm the guys all headed over to B&N with the girls and friends. For dinner the Duggar's, us, and two other families from town went to Incredible Pizza. The wonderful, Christian owners there treated all 45 of us to free dinner and $5 game cards for everyone. None of us played any games, but we all still had loads of fun. Pictures HERE.

Please be praying for my family next week at the CP. I am the team leader/story teller, Elizabeth is materials, and Michael, John, and Julie are teaching.


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Higher Ground Ministry Mission said...

Praying for you all! May His hand be upon you all as you serve others! :)

Serve our Savor,