Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This past weekend our unit had the awesome privilege of going to Springdale Arkansas to serve the widows and elderly of a local church. Team 1 was able to head over on Friday evening. The 12 members of Team 1 unpacked and settled into the fellowship hall of Fellowship Bible Church of Springdale. Once things were set we gathered for a devotional lead by my father, Cadet Lt. Rick Shoemaker, from Daniel. How fitting to be studying a young man who was separated from from his parents and Godly mentors at an early age and required to stand alone. What a great charge for the young men on the deployment.

Saturday just after 6am everyone was up and getting ready for a great day serving the Lord and the people of Springdale. the day dawned cloudy and cold with the temperature hovering near 28 degrees. And... Much to our surprise the 30% chance of wintery mix was a full blown 1in of snow and ice. However, that was not enough to dampen the spirits of the men.

Team 2 drove over from Tulsa and began working on the west side of town while Team 1 headed north of town to start.

Midway through the day the two teams met up for lunch. By that time the wind was blowing 20+ mph and the temperature had dropped to 22 degrees where it stayed that rest of the day. Most of the guys stayed warm however, there were a few guys that got a little cool and we had to warm back up. :-) And added bonus for Team 1 came just before lunch when we were treated fresh doughnuts and hot chocolate! That sure hit the hot buttons of many of the young men.

By 6:30 both teams had cleared acres and acres of brush from 8 homes. At 4pm it began snowing once again. On the way out of town it took 30 minutes to get the 8 miles to the interstate because of the snow and slick roads. God protected us and was with us very mile of the way. After passing at least a dozen different wrecks we were finally to the highway and clear sailing.

Each and everyone of us was very thankful for the opportunity to serve. Everyone of us are thankful to our fathers who have trained us and loved us bringing us up in the knowledge of the Lord.

This was what the rear view mirror said most of the day. This was taken on the way home!

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