Friday, January 27, 2012

|| Focus ||

I am currently reading a book titled, "Thinking for a Change" by John Maxwell. As lame and corny as it sounds this book will change your thinking. While I enjoy thinking and solving problems at lot of times I am not very focused in my thinking. As I was reading the skill on focus I came across the following excerpt. Dr. Maxwell quoted from Al Ries' Focus: The future of your company depends on it. 

"The sun is a powerful source of energy. Every hour the sun washes the earth with billions of kilowatts of energy. Yet with a hat and some sun-screen, you can bathe in the light of the sun for hours at a time with few ill effects. A laser is a weak source of energy. A laser takes a few watts of energy and focuses them in a coherent stream of light. but with a laser you can drill a hole in a diamond, cut steel several inches thick, or wipe our cancer."

So what kind of light and focus will I have? Do I really want to make a difference? I had better start thinking that way.

I have been blessed to be apart of a reading discussion group where we are breaking this book down and working through it skill by skill. If you are near 20 years young or older and know me personally shoot me an email and I can give you the details of the group I am apart of. the group meets via conference call every Thursday mornings at 7am.

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