Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Off to Town

Tonight I went to town with Brystol, Katie, and Mrs. Farr. We had a blast going to Longview to Academy for waterproof bags for the canoe trip and Wal-Mart for general shopping for the Farr family.

As we were driving back Mrs. Farr exclaimed, "Wow, that is a Molly Sky". The colors that lingered in God's beautiful sky were just amazing. The heavens truly declare the glory of God and the earth shows forth his handy work.

Today was spent getting more pictures for the Servant handbook, and uploading others to the web. If all goes as planned and I don't have any more problems with the remote upload program I should finally get them all on the web tomorrow.

Also be in prayer for the Cadet department as we have a strategy planning meeting, tomorrow morning, with the leaders of Missionary Tech Team. MTT's goal is to help ministry's develop a goal and identify those things that will help us reach that goal and point out the hindrance within the ministry.

Also Major Farr will be flying very early in the morning, about 4-5am down to southern Texas to pick up two ALERT guys and bring them back before the 9:30 meeting. He passed his Instrument rating test and exam today so now he can fly in the clouds and whenever. Thank you Lord.


Unknown said...

Aww, it's so nice to be thought of when y'all saw that lovely Texas sky!

Drawn 2 Thee said...

That was a good trip into town. I enjoyed it very much. The sunset was a Molly sunset. It is wonderful to see what God does every day just for us to enjoy. He truly is a wonderful God, that delights in making us happy!

Nicole Hearn said...

Oh, yes, THAT town trip. The one that I said I would be forever bitter about to Katie.
NVM; long story.

Have fun canoeing.
BTW, I like the new profile picture because it reminds me of that heroic time where you rescued that lady from having to unload a semi truck by herself. :-)

Nicole Hearn said...

I realize that I left the only semi-unsentimental response to this post so far.