Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Two Concerts in Two Days

Monday night I went with most of staff guys to the Longview Area Youth Symphony Orchestra (LAYSO) concert in White Oak. It was really good. They sounded great for being almost all high school. I knew about 10 people who were playing. Most of them are staff kids here or Cadets from Henderson. I wasn't going to go but then Mrs. Farr, Katie, and some of the others at my table at dinner convinced me that I should go.

Tonight the Vorgrin family did a little program here at Alert. It was good. They sing, play piano, hand bells, and several other things. http://www.familiesofdestiny.org/

This morning consisted or our Leadership group meeting and then a cadet staff meeting till 11am. So it started out a little slow but then this afternoon I got a little more done. John Freidli arrived today and will be working in the office till mid August. Saturday I leave for the Nashville conference and from there we go onto Richmond VA for a recruiting at a home school convention. I am really looking forward to it. It is going to be a lot of fun and I am going to meet a lot of new people. Please pray for all the staff that God will give them wisdom and strength. And for the people attending that God will be preparing their hearts.


Nicole Hearn said...

"Some of the others at your table."
(bows to take full credit)

We had a great time!!!!! Thanks for coming.

Have a good, very productive, very multitask-friendly day.
If multitask-friendly is a word, which I'm sure it isn't.
Oh, well.

Have a good day anyway.

Nicole Hearn said...

So now your site is approved, and you didn't update.
What's up with that?!?

Just kidding.
I know you were so un-busy this week it was almost boring.

Or not.