Friday, February 3, 2012

|| El Salvador ||

What a blessed time the Lord gave us in December on the El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala missions trip. The Lord's hand was at work all year long in preparation behind the scenes in ways we did not even know until closer to the trip. Here are a few ways God provided:
- Funding
- 3,000 Gospels of John at amazing prices
- Gifts provided by the Hertzburg family for the Christmas Party at La Esperanza
- Money for gifts for the kids
- 400+ flashlights
- Medical Supplies
- Luggage
- Expedited passports for other members of the team
- Many other gracious friends who provided gifts and supplies to us or other members of the team
- And countless prayers

We would like to share a few of the stories and memories from the trip. Take a look here.

And you can check out the top 364 pictures from the trip HERE!

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