Thursday, March 17, 2011

Good News Club...

It has been sometime since I talked about our Good News Club. This year it started out huge... Well over 60 kids. What a joy and encouragement it was to have so many eager listener's ready to learn the truths of God's word. As the school year has gone on the number of kids has dropped. Even through that God is at work in these kids lives. We have had several kids come to know the Lord this year. What a joy it is to see them realize their sin and need for a perfect Savior. This school year is winding down and with the end of school for summer comes the end of club. I pray that these little ones will stay strong in their faith in God and read their Bibles faithfully. 

As a testimony to how God is working here are a few notes two of the kids wrote for class projects. Word for word as they wrote them enjoy!

"On Wednesday, last week I learned at church that kids can minister. I never knew it but I have helped minister. Well, kinda, I helped with the songs. Remember when Joe (name changed) helped by dressing up like Joseph. Oh, and I learned that kids can minster to older people. so see kids CAN help even when they are really young!" 
"The Holy bible is a change in people. It makes them different. On the front of my Bible it says, 'build your life on it.' What that means is make your life different then it is inspiring. If you pray you can change your life. You can start life over again."

This week we were sharing the story of Joseph and his brothers as well as giving a report from our recent trip to El Salvador. We were sharing about the changed lives of the people in El Salvador who came to Christ and began a new life as a Christian.

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