Thursday, April 15, 2010

Unto Caesar....

So yesterday I rendered unto "Caesar" that which I wished I did not have to. For me it would be a whole lot easier if I knew it was going for good. Good such as: Defense, Borders, protecting the Freedoms of the Constitution, and all the other many lawful programs of a SMALL federal government. But when I see it going to communistic health care, Bailouts BAIL-UNDERS, abortions, hundreds of thousand employee's who do not have the best work ethics, booz, inordinate and uncalled for flight expenses, and everything else that goes on it seems to make me a little more leery of coughing up that check. Maybe I should become a fisherman. :) " Jesus said to him. "But so that we may not offend them, go to the lake and throw out your line. Take the first fish you catch; open its mouth and you will find a four-drachma coin. Take it and give it to them for my tax and yours." Matthew 17:27

"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies." -Thomas Jefferson-

So what if we all lived following this thought?
Never spend what you don't have" -Thomas Jefferson- Wow, novel idea. :)

So in other news I head the IRS was rolling out a new motto today, "We have what it takes, to take what you have!"

Anyway, Happy tax day.

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