Thursday, July 2, 2009

A Faithful Man...

A Faithful Man, what is he? What does he look like? How does he act or respond in a given situation? What kind of an impact does he have on the world? Why be a Faithful Man?

II Timothy 2:2 says, "....These intrust to faithful men...."

This is the theme for the 2009 ALERT Cadet camps. So far this year I have had the privilege of attending as staff 3 camps so far. So now I have heard these lessons and am a pro at being a faithful man? Right? NO!!! Not by any stretch of the imagination. I am far from perfect. Each day is a work in progress for me. By God's grace and power I seek to become a faithful man. But it is not an overnight process. It is a life long commitment to seek Him though His Word, pray, discipleship, and service. It takes determination and a whole hearted commitment on my part.

Here are just a few qualities of what a Faithful man does or is. This is not an exhaustive list so feel free to comment with others you see.

[] Does what is in God's heart and mind - 1 Samuel 2:35
[] Trusted in business dealings - the temple workmen in 2 Kings 12:15, and 2 Kings 22:7; also applicable as a husband, or son Proverbs 31:23
[] Trusted to do his work - 2 Chronicles 34:12
[] Fears God - Nehemiah 7:2
[] Handles money Properly - Nehemiah 13:13
[] Does not reveal secrets - Proverbs 11:13
[] Does not lie - Proverbs 14:5
[] Does not proclaim his own goodness - Proverbs 20:6
[] He abounds with blessings - Proverbs 28:20
[] Judges the poor well - Proverbs 29:14
[] No error or fault found in him - Daniel 6:4
[] Is given rule over a household - Matthew 24:45
[] Is faithful in a few things - Matthew 25:21
[] Gains the joy of his master - Matthew 25:23
[] Able to carry a message - 1 Corinthians 4:17
[] A fellow servant of the Lord - Colossians 1:7
[] Serious, not slanderers, sober - I Timothy 3:11
[] Their children are not accused of riot or unruly - Titus 1:6
[] Keeps promises - Hebrews 11:11
[] Steadfast in the truth even unto death - Revelation 2:10

Thank you to Major Farr for all the lessons he has given about being a faithful man in the past two years of working with him at Cadets. And most of all to my daddy who displays Christ so clearly to me and is truly a Faithful Man.

Stand Strong!

Buffalo River Cadet camp.

The first week of this month I was the cook and organized the logistics for the Buffalo River Cadet camp. I had a lot of fun organizing the camp in the months leading up to it. We had 41 fathers and son's. We stayed at Tyler Bend State Park near Harrison, AR. Major Farr was able to join us for most of the camp along with his son Brian, and Peter Janowski. It was a great time of fun, fellowship, teaching, skill training, canoeing, kayaking, building relationships, sports, and RAIN! No matter what happened the guys were all still full of energy and never let the environment or weather change their enthusiasm for what God was doing in and through each person. God did a great work in all those who attended. Please pray for them as the run the race of life that they will keep the focus.

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